3m Scratch Remover
The 3M Scratch Remover is your number one product for removing

fine scratches, water spots, swirl marks, and other paint

imperfections from the surface of your car, truck, snowmobile or jet


3m scratch remover

This product was awarded Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award at

the 2007 SEMA show.  This honor was for the product’s ease of use,

proven results, and most importantly, it’s innovative technology. The

unique formula contains no wax so that the scratch line is not just

filled in with wax but in fact it is polished completely away.  This

is accomplished by the fine minerals imbedded in it’s unique formula.

 Of course, the 3M Scratch Remover is completely safe for use on

clear coats commonly found on today’s modern automotive finishes.

To use 3M Scratch Remover, just follow  this easy 4 step process and

you will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing results  that appear

before your eyes.

Step 1: You should always wash your car with a quality car wash soap

to remove any dirt or other road residue before you start.

Step 2:  Next squeeze out a small amount of 3M Scratch Remover onto a

soft, clean terry cloth towel

Step 3:  Now using a circular motion, rub over the scratch just up

until the 3M Scratch Remover is dry.

Step 4: Finally, remove any remaining product and haze with a quality

micro fiber detailing cloth.

Your final high quality finish will emerge before your eyes to utter


It is important that you understand what kinds of scratches can be

removed with the 3M Scratch Remover.  Modern automobiles have three

layers of protection on top of their sheet metal.  The first layer

which is closest to the metal is the primer coat.  This is applied to

bare metal for it’s first level of protection, anti-corrosion  and  

preparation for the actual paint or color coat.  The second layer is

called the base coat and it is here where the colored paint pigment

resides a.k.a the color coat.  The third and final layer is the outer

coat or clear coat.  This is the clear protection coat that is

applied on top of the paint to give it luster and protect it from the

elements, road dirt, environmental debris and  bird and tree

droppings.  This is the layer that is most vulnerable to the types of

scratches we are talking about.  Here is where the 3M Scratch Remover

does it’s job.  One good way to tell if this product will work for

you is to rub your finger across the scratch.  If you can feel the

scratch and your fingernail gets caught on the scratch, it is

probably too deep to achieve a desirable result.  However, if your

fingernail does not get caught on the scratch, this product will work

for you.

3m scratch remover


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